Development of IoT solution progresses in ASEAN countries

Various IoT solutions are being developed in ASEAN countries.

Malaysian companies have begun offering three solutions: flood disaster, power management, and smart agriculture.

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Both of these problems are very important for Malaysia and are issues to be solved.

In Vietnam, efforts to smart agriculture and automatic driving vehicles are progressing.

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Developing countries do not just incorporate technologies popularized in developed countries as in the past, but now they are doing their own technological development. This is due to the fact that it is an industrial field of “IT” that is no required a huge fund and using open technology, besides technical information is available to engineers by the Internet.

In the future ASEAN countries will come up with many examples of solving their country’s unique problems with IT technology in that country.

I think that it is time to think about once again what sort of fields Japan can contribute to the development of the world.

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