IoT spectrum will be approved – Thailand –

Wireless communication of the 920 MHz band will be available in Thailand. It will be approved by NBTC (National Broadcasting and Communications Commission) on 8th November.

In the past, the band of 920 to 925 MHz was allocated for RFID, but from now on, it can be used without license for wireless communication (excluding voice call).

Approval standards for communication equipment are different standards for RFID applications and others. In addition, when conducting the IoT network operator business, it is necessary to obtain business license from NBTC.

Through this decision, the introduction of various LPWAs such as LoRa, Sigfox, Wi-SUN and proprietary protocols, which are accelerating globally, has progressed in Thailand.

It will be utilized in fields such as, improvement of productivity of manufacturing industry, maintenance of public infrastructure and realizing the smart agriculture.


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