Competition taking over initiative of LPWA actively also in Southeast Asia

It is globally noticed which LPWA communication method takes the initiative, but its movement is active also in Southeast Asia, and it is thought that the first and second year will be the year of the game.

LoRa Alliance

Although the LoRa Alliance does not have a base in Asia, the major telecommunications carriers in each country have announced the use of LoRa.
For example, CAT Telecom (Thailand), Telekom Malaysia.
It is attractive that entry into the business is easy because it is an open specification with a communication band not requiring license.


Sigfox has a base in Singapore and is building a network in the same country.
It’s using unlicensed communication band, but not open communication method, some companies are worried about that.


NB-IoT is still a service in the future, but development is progressing at a rate faster than we anticipate towards the start of service. Considering existing customer base, it will be the most influential service.
However, it is difficult to enter newly because communication license is necessary.

In order to take the initiative, it is important not only the technical superiority of wireless communication but also what services can be provided.


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