Decided policy to release 920 MHz band for IoT without license – Thailand –

The NBTC (The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission) in Thailand has approved the policy to make wireless communication of the 920 MHz band unnecessary for the IoT platform. It is expected that actual license will be declared within 2017.

However, all companies planning to provide IoT service using the 920 MHz band must have Internet business license approved by NBTC.

The fact that the 920 MHz band radio communication which is gaining popularity in the world becomes available in Thail means that Thailand will be one of the attractive markets for IoT service providers. In addition, it is consistent with Thailand 4.0 which the Thai government is actively promoting, and there is no doubt that the tide of Thailand’s IoT will further accelerate.

Detailed authentication procedures are not decided yet, but various IoT services from each country will be deployed in Thailand in the future.


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