IoT technology supporting the aging society and challenges of promoting it – Thailand –

Like Japan, Thailand has a problem of aging society.
If aging is going on as it is, the medical costs of elderly people will advance at a pace exceeding the country’s GDP growth.
And IoT will be an important technology to solve this problem.

It is clear that more effective health care can be achieved if a patient wears a wearable device and collects patient health data through wireless communication.

As a matter necessary to promote IoT, there are privacy issues and radio signal interference, but neither government regulation is necessary.
The government strengthens the data privacy law and allocates radio frequency spectrum.

Regarding the interference of radio signals, we mentioned earlier that NBTC is planning to allocate 920-925 MHz band for IoT use without license.

Thailand, which has Thailand 4.0, will be promoting IoT by raising the nation in the future. However, experts say that it is important to make a government without corruption and make it an attractive investment destination for overseas investors, rather than providing incentives.

Also, at Thai universities, it takes too much time for the IoT demonstration experiment, and it seems that it is often old technology as it is finished the experiment.

I wonder if this is true not only in Thailand but in other countries as well.

If we do not shift to “starting with acting anyway” rather than “just discussing and taking time to act”, In this era when evolution speed is extremely fast, we will not be able to produce technologies useful for society..


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