How to promote IoT development by Southeast Asian countries

The ASEAN countries are actively working on IoT. I will present examples of three countries.


IoT is positioned as an important element to realize the “smart nation” concept and promoting the following idea.

  • A nationwide smart grid platform realization
  • Design of IoT infrastructure to transmit data from sensor at high speed
  • Training professionals focused on sensors and IoT


In accordance with the “IoT’s strategic roadmap” formulated, IoT is promoting the spread of new economic growth sources.


They are promoting IoT as part of the national strategy of Thailand 4.0.

  • Promote plans to make Phuket, Chiang Mai, Bangkok a smart city
  • Pilot project focusing on e-commerce, e-education, e-industry, e-government

It is expected that expenditure on Thailand’s IoT will increase by 16 times in 2014 in 2020.

Japan, India, China and Korea are major markets of IoT, but with respect to the growth rate, Southeast Asia is considered to be the highest region.

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